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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there an age limit to be a member?

No, all ages and genders are welcomed. Everyone can play and enjoy the game of pickleball!

How can I join the Iraqi national pickleball team?

You first need to be a member of the federation. Then a team of coaches will assess your level and find out if you are qualified to join the team.

How much time do I need to learn the game?

Depending on your physical capabilities, a standard person with no experience is expected to learn and enjoy the game in no more than one hour. Pickleball is one of the easiest games that is developed to suite all ages and capabilities with minimal technique requirements. We expect you can play competitively on your seventh or eighth time playing the game.

How can I be a member?

You can call the numbers in the "Contact Us" section to schedule a time for your visit. We will be happy to assist you completing your registration while you are at our management office.

Do I have to be a member to play Pickleball?

No, but if you are a member you can participate in multiple events that are organised by our federation. To name some, tournaments, clinics, Training for coaches, referee training, seminars…etc.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, there is administration fees of IQD 10,000/ year.

Does the federation provide training for players?

No, the federation only organise and control the overall game progress and support the development of the game in the country in association with the World Pickleball Federation. This includes, but not limited to organising participation in the international tournaments, participating in training overseas, bringing foreign expertise to the country for seminars and training. However, the federation will work hand-in-hand with the Iraqi Pickleball Academy, which can provide training for groups and individuals along with organising summer camps for kids of all ages and much more. 

Can women play this game?

Absolutely. Pickleball is for all ages and genders alike. It can be played men's single, women's single, doubles and mixed doubles.

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